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3805 Cleveland Rd. Dallas, TX 75241


About Us

Our Story

Dallas Truck Parking was started by a Trucking company who was tired of dealing with all the archaic processes and limited availability of the truck lots around DFW.

We set out to create a secure lot with wide spaces and centrally located to where the shippers are at in Dallas, TX. We pride ourselves on the community we’ve built at our lot. We are always giving spotlights on our services board and connecting our customers to one another to build their businesses and help each other out!

We actively seek customers who take pride in their equipment, their space and will be a good member in our parking lot community. If you leave trash, tires, park in wrong spots, block other people’s vehicles, please look elsewhere for parking.


Our parking facility features angled parking spaces and broad alleyways, making manoeuvring easy for even the most inexperienced drivers. The well-planned layout ensures your truck remains free from damage caused by others trying to fit into cramped, dimly lit spots. With us, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is protected from unnecessary bumps and scratches.


At Dallas Truck Parking, we offer more than just a spot to park your truck. Our wide spaces and expansive alleyways are designed to reduce the hassle typically associated with parking large vehicles. This thoughtful design prevents the common issues of tight, poorly lit spaces, ensuring a smooth parking experience every time.

Hassle Free

Our online booking and management portal is unlike any other in the industry. No more calling in to see if spots are available or managing your spots. Manage your spots from anywhere in the world 24/7/365 all from our webpage.


Our facility is equipped with an array of cameras, an 8-foot heavy gauge barbed wire fence, and bright LED lighting to ensure your truck’s safety at all times. These measures are in place to deter theft and provide peace of mind, knowing that your valuable asset is under constant surveillance while you are away.


Dallas Truck Parking is located off of I-20 right between I35 and I-45. We have little to no drive by traffic making egress and ingress safe and easy. Immediately after exiting our lot you are on the TRUCK FRIENDLY roads right out to I-20, I-35 and I-45.

3805 Cleveland Rd. Dallas, TX 75241

3805 Cleveland Rd. Dallas, TX 75241

(972) 525-8491