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3805 Cleveland Rd. Dallas, TX 75241


Dallas Truck Parking

The most secure, well-lit, and easily accessible truck lot near you for all types of commercial vehicles.


Dallas Truck Parking is located off of I-20 right between I35 and I-45. We have little to no drive by traffic making egress and ingress safe and easy. Immediately after exiting our lot you are on the TRUCK FRIENDLY roads right out to I-20, I-35 and I-45.

3805 Cleveland Rd. Dallas, TX 75241

Our Rates

Our lease is built on a month-to-month billing cycle allowing you to add or delete parking spaces all online. Our availability is displayed at the top of our webpage in the SPACES AVAILABLE counter.

Upon signing up of parking spaces, you will immediately be billed for the upcoming month and then billed the same day of each month in perpetuity or until we receive a 30 day move out notice from you. You can manage your spaces all online by adding and removing spaces from your login portal. Click Book Now to get started and book spaces today.

Monthly Rate

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Services & Community

Here at Dallas Truck Parking we are seeking to build a true community to help each other maximize our businesses’ potentials!

Our Services and Community pages is a place to give recommendations of quality mechanics, vendors and to highlight the services provided by our own customers and community members. Check out our blog posts for community recommendations or contact us for a shoutout of your own services!

About Dallas Truck Parking

We pride ourselves on the community we’ve built at our lot.

Dallas Truck Parking was started by a Trucking company who was tired of dealing with all the archaic processes and limited availability of the truck lots around DFW. We set out to create a secure lot with wide spaces and centrally located to where the shippers are at in Dallas, TX.

Why Dallas Truck Parking is the #1 Choice Near You


Our parking facility features angled parking spaces and broad alleyways, making manoeuvring easy for even the most inexperienced drivers. The well-planned layout ensures your truck remains free from damage caused by others trying to fit into cramped, dimly lit spots. With us, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is protected from unnecessary bumps and scratches.


At Dallas Truck Parking, we offer more than just a spot to park your truck. Our wide spaces and expansive alleyways are designed to reduce the hassle typically associated with parking large vehicles. This thoughtful design prevents the common issues of tight, poorly lit spaces, ensuring a smooth parking experience every time.

Hassle Free

Our online booking and management portal is unlike any other in the industry. No more calling in to see if spots are available or managing your spots. Manage your spots from anywhere in the world 24/7/365 all from our webpage.


Our facility is equipped with an array of cameras, an 8-foot heavy gauge barbed wire fence, and bright LED lighting to ensure your truck’s safety at all times. These measures are in place to deter theft and provide peace of mind, knowing that your valuable asset is under constant surveillance while you are away.

Maximizing Efficiency and Safety with Monthly Commercial Truck Parking in Dallas Texas

The transportation industry is expanding, which means more businesses, but it has another side, too! The other side comprises the industry’s growing commercial truck parking issues. If this is not resolved, then it has the potential to impact efficiency, safety, and overall productivity for truck drivers and fleet operators. The truck parking in Dallas Texas at dallastruckparking.net proves to be the best DFW truck parking and is the true backbone of the supply chain. It offers you monthly commercial truck parking in Dallas Texas and a myriad of benefits that contribute to the seamless functioning of the logistics network.

Take a Look at Some of the Benefits of Truck Parking in Dallas That You Must Know!

Benefit # 1: You Receive Safety and Security of Your Trucks

Safety is a crucial aspect of the running of your transportation business, and parking facilities for your commercial trucks are a must! The monthly commercial truck parking in Dallas Texas supports you to get a safe and secure parking space for your trucks. Further, they are equipped with advanced surveillance systems, well-lit areas, and secure an entry point that further enhances its safety and security features. As a result, your commercial truck, its driver, and the cargo are safe from the fear of theft and vandalism.

Benefit # 2: Compliance with rules and regulations

The drivers of commercial trucks need to comply with various strict regulations that pertain to their driving hours and mandatory rest periods. Well, the truck parking in Dallas, TX offers you a compliant space for your truck drivers to adhere to these regulations without compromising on safety. As a result, they are kept away from any fines and penalties owing to non-compliance with regulations and rules pertaining to parking.

Benefit # 3: Avoids a Traffic Situation

Well, one most important things that is an outcome of DFW truck parking is the reduction of congestion and traffic on the roads. If parking spaces are scarce, then commercial trucks tend to park themselves on the road anywhere, leading to traffic and congestion. But now, with the super services of monthly commercial truck parking in Dallas Texas, this issue gets resolved as the drivers need not struggle to find suitable parking spaces, leading to smoother traffic flow on roads and highways.

Benefit # 4: Adherence to Delivery Schedules

The transportation industry involves logistics, and timely deliveries are the key! The truck parking in Dallas enables you to plan routes strategically, be on time with your delivery schedules, and minimise downtime. All this is possible because you, the commercial trucks, have the convenience of designated parking spaces that allow the drivers to match up to their set schedule without any unwanted delays. For improved overall operational efficiency, get in touch with the best monthly commercial truck parking in Dallas, TX at dallastruckparking.net

Benefit # 5: Multiple Services

Well, the truck parking in Dallas goes beyond just providing a safe parking space! You could have other facilities too like Wifi connection, restrooms, and access to showers and much more. These services are subject to individual parking services, and you need to connect with them to find out more! To get started, click here.

Benefit # 6: Saves Fuel and Positive Environmental Impact

Are you wondering how this is possible with DFW truck parking? It’s simple: taking the services of truck parking spaces reduces unnecessary driving and idling time, saves fuel, and lowers the environmental impact.

So, in all, taking the services of commercial truck parking services helps in optimizing routes, reduces fuel consumption, and reduces the carbon footprint that is caused by transportation operations.

Wrap up!

The benefit of monthly commercial truck parking is a great space for the trucks to be parked safely with proper space availability and convenience. They assure you safety, security, efficiency, and an easy booking process. Contact now!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dallas Truck Parking

What types of truck parking do you offer in Dallas?

Dallas Truck Parking offers spaces for tractors, tractor-trailer, dry van parking, low boy parking, flat bed parking and reefer parking. In our short spaces we offer bob tail parking, box truck parking and hot shot parking spaces. Our facilities cater to semi trucks, box trucks, and 18-wheelers.

Where can I find semi truck parking near Dallas, TX?

You can find semi truck parking at our secure facilities located in the Dallas area. We offer both short-term and long-term options, perfect for all your trucking needs.

Are commercial truck parking lots available in Dallas?

Yes, we have commercial truck parking lots in Dallas that provide 24/7 access and security. These are ideal for fleet operators and individual truckers alike.

Can I rent a parking space for an 18-wheeler in Dallas?

Absolutely! We have 18 Wheeler Parking Spaces for Rent that offer easy access and are well-maintained, ensuring your vehicle’s safety and convenience.

Do you offer truck parking rentals in Dallas, TX?

Yes, our Truck Parking Rental Dallas services include flexible rental terms to meet various needs, from short visits to long-term leases.

How can I secure a spot for semi truck parking in Dallas?

Securing a spot is easy. Visit our website to book your space online, or contact us directly for assistance with Semi Truck Parking Rental Dallas TX.

What makes your truck park in Dallas stand out?

Our Truck Park Dallas is known for its high security, including surveillance and gated access, well-lit areas, and strategic location, making it a top choice for truckers.

Are there specific amenities provided at your semi truck parking locations near me?

Yes, our Semi Truck Parking Near Me offers amenities like clean restrooms, power hook-ups, and maintenance areas to ensure your comfort and convenience.

What is Atomic Truck Parking?

Atomic Truck Parking refers to our state-of-the-art truck parking facilities that feature automated entry, enhanced security measures, and premium amenities for truckers.

How does your parking facility comply with regulations?

Our truck parking facility adheres to state and federal regulations, ensuring we meet legal standards and offer a compliant parking option for truckers.

3805 Cleveland Rd. Dallas, TX 75241

(972) 525-8491